Waitrose has launched two new food collections under its holistic living range which brings together a number of different health focused products.

In a statement, Waitrose said the Waitrose Gut Health collection of products is the UK’s first own label range to have a certified gut health claim. Items include a selection of fruity smoothies, juices and kefir products which introduce bacteria to the gut and create an environment where they can prosper.

Nutrition manager at Waitrose, Joanne Lunn said: “This range of products contain Bacillus coagulan, calcium and chicory inulin. These are all types of prebiotic which don’t get absorbed by our small intestine but instead reaches the large intestine and the bacteria found naturally in the gut ferment it.”

Meanwhile, the Waitrose Thrive range is a mix of 11 new meals which have been designed to offer a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. Meals include products such as Chicken Laksa & Black Noodles, Roasted Mushrooms & Aubergine Ragu and Lamb & Bean Meatballs & Za’atar Roasted Vegetables. Prices range from £4 to £4.50.

Waitrose health brand manager, Elen Ormson said: “Being the first in the UK to have a certified gut health range is ground breaking and as customers become more aware of the benefits we hope they love the selection as well as the delicious flavours. And with more of us working from home, the quick, nutritious and delicious Thrive meals will be a great go-to product for lunches or dinner after a long day.”