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Top UK Sustainable Activewear Brands – that are kind to the planet and your wallet

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A new year and in with it new resolutions. Maybe it is to work out more or to get out in nature more, or trying make more sustainable choices, maybe all of the above?  If you need some inspiration for some new kit that is friendly on your wallet and the planet look no further. Here are some active wear companies that are not only sustainable but also born in the UK, offering some more affordable options in the eco-friendly athleisure market. So you can shop local, shop sustainable, look the part and not break the bank.

Starting with the game changing TALA, whose focus is on creating affordable active wear that is making it easier to opt for a sustainable alternative. TALA has a slow fashion approach of making pieces that will last, choosing durable fabrics such as Lyocell and Bamboo. TALA’s range of sports bras and leggings range from about £26 - £54 are made from 92% recycled materials. A company that is both transparent and inclusive there is a lot to like about TALA, not to mention the fun colour options to choose from. https://www.wearetala.com

A company that have sustainable fabric at the forefront of what they do is BAM, who use sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is a great alternative material, it not only absorbs five times more carbon than hardwood tress it also needs half the land cotton needs and without the need for irrigation or pesticides. With a goal to reduce their carbon footprint to zero by 2030, it is very clear the environment is not only BAM’s top priority but their driving force. Bam offer a variety of options across men’s and women’s from socks to hoodies. BAM’s range of crop tops and leggings range from £28 - £55. All product pages on their site include an informative graphic of the positive impact each product makes such as ‘’360 days of drinking water saved’’. A small touch, but one that connects us with the bigger picture and how little choices can have a big impact.  www.bambooclothing.co.u

Next on the list is CONTUR. Using ECONYL® fabric (100% recycled yarn made from old fishing nets and ocean plastics). CONTUR offer a range that is both flexible and supportive, not to mention sleek and stylish. Even better CONTUR manufacture their entire range in London, keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible. CONTUR’s range of shorts, tops and leggings range from £35 - £80. www.conturuk.com

For some extensive outdoor clothing options ALPKIT is the perfect blend of being a premium quality multi- activity outdoor brand that uses sustainable practices but still maintaining a reasonable price point. From cycling clothing to wetsuits and tents ALPKIT is a one stop shop for all you outdoor needs. For ALPKIT sustainability is not a not a ‘single issue project, but a comprehensive way of working. Everything is connected.’ They design high performance products that will last longer and in addition to this offer both a repairs service as well as a continuum project that donates your unwanted products once you are done. Women’s tops and leggings range from £20 - £60.


So whether you want to climb a mountain, take up yoga or head to the park for a walk there is a whole host of British companies that have you covered. Take your pick.

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Friday, 22 January 2021 at 12:36pm

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