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The service we offer

Service we offer

The service we offer is focused on the primary goal of filling your vacancies quickly and with the best talent available.

Success-only recruitment

Means that if we don't fill your position (you may take an internal applicant, or re-structure, or advertise directly yourself) then there is no charge from us.

This does not affect the level of service you receive. We still need a full job and person specification from you, and all candidates we submit are interviewed against your specific vacancy and briefed about your company (unless you require us to keep this information confidential at this stage).

Database search

Our bespoke in house database has thousands of actively looking and up-to-date candidates that have registered with Fashion & Retail Personnel. We are a prolific advertiser working in partnership with many of the best industry specific websites on the market. We also advertise with Drapers and The Appointment Ltd, and through both our online and print efforts, attract the best talent out there.

Due to this commitment to year round advertising, we possess one of the largest fashion and retail management databases for UK based and international talent. This register, detailing a phenomenal number of fashion and retail operations professionals, is directly linked to our offices and updated minute by minute. So no matter who you're looking for, chances are we've already met them.


Our Consultants are trained to headhunt professionally, and this may be appropriate if we need to target particular individuals.

We do not regard head hunting as exclusive to the Executive level and find it successful for all types of positions. For retail store positions in particular where we are often recruiting for several positions within the same geographical area we regularly go out to approach potential candidates face to face.

We need to draw your attention to our policy and the REC Code of Conduct which prohibits us from approaching candidates who work for our clients and will advise you of any conflicts of interest that may arise.

Focused and client-branded advertising

We heavily invest in online, social media and print advertising.

We can advertise, using your brand, across a variety of media and in partnership with our in-house advertising agency. You'll attract candidates who actively want to work for your company, enjoy the kudos of branded advertising either online or in print.

We will pass on all our advertising discounts to you and there is no charge other than a contribution to the cost of the production. Our trained researchers will monitor and progress responses to your Fashion & Retail Personnel Account Manager.

Retained assignments

We have a 100% success rate when we have worked on Retained Assignment agreements. In circumstances where it is critical that the position is filled, where it is very senior or confidential, then this highly targeted approach guarantees the dedicated time of an Account Manager and Researcher.

Managed recruitment

If you are able to commit to a date for interviews we will arrange first interviews at our offices on the agreed date. You will be briefed about all the candidates before interview.

The advantage of this is that it allows comparison of all candidates whilst they are all still fresh in your memory, and the momentum of the process is maintained as second interviews are decided at the end of the day.

This service is ideal for many of our overseas clients when it is more convenient for them to come to London or Nottingham than to arrange for say three or more candidates to travel to them. This approach can also work well for retail operations roles where you have a number of vacancies you are looking to fill at the same time, perhaps to support a new store opening or similar.

Fixed-term contracts and temps

If you have to recruit an immediate solution this may be an ideal option.

Temporary staff can provide short term cover for seasonal work, sickness or maternity leave as well as being suitable for project based work and also provide a bench mark if you need to recruit to permanently fill your position.

We offer you total flexibility and provide Temporary Workers charged on an hourly or daily basis, paid via our in-house temps payroll. These can be sourced for by our temps team or we can offer a payroll service for your own candidates. We can also source Interim options for fixed term contracts lasting several months.

Of course, these methods are used in conjunction with each other, all underpinned by our primary motivation to provide you with the best talent available.


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