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Five Benefits of Hiring Temps

Five Benefits of Hiring Temps

Whether you’re going through a quick period of growth or it’s your peak trade season, hiring temps is a great way to flex your workforce in an interim period. We’ve rounded up five benefits of hiring temps below!


Temps are a quick and efficient way of flexing your workforce as it is a much shorter hiring process than with a permanent employee. Many clients don’t conduct interviews for temps but instead book based off of our recommendation, so you could potentially have a temp start in a role within a day or two of briefing us. We even have temps ready to start on the same day, so it’s a quick way of getting cover if there’s been a sickness or emergency.


Hiring temps is flexible and easy to manage as they are paid on our payroll and we sort out their holiday pay, pension, tax and NI contributions. We also check all right to work and references as well as issuing contracts of services with us, so it’s quicker for them to start and there’s no additional paperwork for you! It also allows you to add extra staff even if you haven’t had the permanent headcount signed off, so there’s no long term commitment if the workload disappears.

Alleviates Stress for the Wider Team

Getting a temp in while recruiting for the vacancy permanently can take the pressure off needing to hire someone super quickly while also taking the strain off of the team while the position is filled. It is also a good way to trial a candidate in a role before commiting to hiring them permanently. 

Cost Effective

Temps are cost effective as they are paid on a timesheet, so you only pay them for the hours that they actually work, and if they’re sick or on holiday then you don’t absorb any cost.

Fresh Perspectives

Temps can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the company, so it’s a good test on internal processes and procedures. Hiring temps also allows you to get an expert in for a specific project if specialist knowledge is needed.

Need temps but don’t know where to start?

We run a busy temps department here at Fashion Personnel and have over 30 years of experience recuiting temporary staff. We work on roles across the whole of the fashion and retail industries, including design, production, technical, head office, digital, wholesale and nationwide retail.

To make an enquiry please drop us a call on 020 7436 0220 or send an e-mail through to temps@fashionpersonnel.co.uk

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