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One Vegan Step at a Time - Six Vegan Footwear Ideas for this A/W

As summer days of cotton dresses and bare skin have faded and we reach for our jumpers and boots, dressing vegan friendly can become tricky. Whether you are a level nine vegan, have been going solid since Veganuary or just like to dip your toe from time to time veganism does not have to be an all or nothing lifestyle. Taking things step by step can make it a more enjoyable and less daunting process. This is as true for our food habits as it is with our wardrobes. Do what works for you. Every little helps and little changes here and there add up over time.

So what is a vegan wardrobe? It is one without any animal’s products. So no fur, wool, silk, leather, animals based glues or chemical sprays. Which essentially is good news for animals and often can mean good news for the environment too. This all sounds well and good but navigating a British winter without your leather boots is a chilling thought.

Luckily ‘Vegan’ is the hot topic word right now and it is exciting to see more and more companies offering ethical alternatives, as well as larger brands stepping up their game to offer vegan ranges.

It is now easier than ever to not have to compromise on style when it comes to conscious footwear.

If you are looking for your next pair of winter boots, and are thinking of going leather free here are five options to consider.

1 New Look - Affordable High Street Alternatives

New Look are a prime example of how vegan options don’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

New Look have been one of the first of the high-street chains to get The Vegan Society seal of approval. This is a great symbol to look for as non-leather does not automatically mean vegan. With use of leather sprays on PU, glue and tape containing animal collagen and use of chemical sprays containing animal products this symbol is a guarantee the company has been thorough. Showing their sourcing and production meets the vegan mark.~

New Look - Black Faux Croc Heeled Ankle Boots £29.99

2. Dr. Martens & Adidas - Iconic Swap Outs

A footwear brand go to such as Dr. Martens now offer a vegan alternative to their iconic boots. Their vegan range is made with ‘Felix Rub-Off, a synthetic material using no animal by-product ‘but still maintaining the classic Docs DNA.

Dr. Martens - Vegan 1460 Ankle Boots £149   

Another brand with vegan swap outs to our favourite styles is Adidas. If you are looking for some trainers this season they are offering an alternative to their legendary Superstar Shoes. These are not only vegan but are also made from 70% recycled materials, including renewable and reclaimed rubber and 100% recycled polyester lining.  This is an example of when vegan and sustainability cross paths with some brands going that extra mile.

Adidas - Vegan Superstar Shoes £79.95  

3. Koi Footwear - Trend Lead and Vegan Only

If you want to support a company that is 100% Vegan then Koi Footwear is worth checking out. They focus on using the best premium synthetic leathers to offer up high quality trend led styles. You can shop them direct, find them stocked in high street stores or stocked on ASOS.

Koi Footwear - Sorcerer Chelsea Boots £45  

4. Will’s Vegan Store - Home Grown

If you want to support local than look no further than London’s based Will’s Vegan Store, an online vegan only sore offering footwear and accessories (and food). It’s a one stop shop for all your vegan needs and Vegan Society approved.

Will’s Vegan Store - Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots £95

5. Matt & Nat – Overseas Inspiration

Another 100% vegan company is Montreal based Matt &Nat, which can be found stocked in the UK in the likes of John Lewis and ASOS. Mainly known for their beautiful range of vegan bags the company’s values in social responsibility and sustainable principles are also very admirable. Using PU over PVC when possible, as it is less harmful to the environment, and always pushing for innovate way to be more eco-friendly. Such as using recycled bicycle tires and recycled plastic bottles.

Matt & Nat- Dea Shoe $130    

The lines between vegan, sustainability and ethical options can be confusing. It is hard to get ticks across the board, but now more than ever companies are being more transparent. Do your research before you buy and support a brand that speaks to you. Be it your high street favourites or a smaller sustainable company, the options out there are growing by the day. One thing that is certain is that vegan fashion is no longer a style conflict, and more than that not only will your new shoes look great, they will also make you feel great knowing you are helping in making a difference with each step you take.


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Thursday, 12 October 2023 at 2:23pm

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