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The rise of the House Plant, businesses that should be on your radar if you have green fingers

The rise of House Plant

Over the last few years disposable income is no longer reserved for fashion and beauty, lockdown has really made us re-focus on our home interiors and exteriors and it seems we are all taking a keen interest in our homes and garden! For those of us living in the big smoke, the house plant has been the focus of weekend shopping or scrolling online to find some that will change the look of our home that we have been stuck in.

Instagram has become awash with our new green babies from #plantsofinstagram, #urbanjungle to #plantlife, this is one consumer trend which is not going away any time soon. For the majority of the past year garden centres have been able to stay open which has provided everyone with an opportunity to get well acquainted with the plant world if they weren’t before. Another major benefit of plants especially over the last 12 months has been in regards to the affect they can have on mental health.  They improve the air around us (ideal if you live above traffic lights on a main road), help us to switch off from technology and think creatively.  Plants are stress busters, horticultural therapy is mostly based around working in greenhouses and outdoor gardens, the same general practices and benefits can be gleaned from indoor houseplants too.

Alongside the health and mental wellbeing plants can provide, the visual impact plays a major part in their popularity also. Green as a colour is relaxing and calming and a variety of shades of this colour have been popular for home interiors to complement our growing collections of plants. Homeware retailers are taking full advantage of the trend with full ranges of plant pots available in a variety of sizes, one of our favourites is H&M who have a stylish and affordable range of pots available, alongside boutique garden centres and retailers such as Made.com.

Which are the most on trend plants that shoppers are snapping up?

At the end of last year various plant enthusiast websites reported an increase in low maintenance succulents and a revival of retro plants.  According to realhomes.com the top 10 types of plants that are in high demand are as follows:

  1. Fish Bone catus/zig zag – this one will still be popular this year
  2. The bunny ear cactus
  3. The blue star fern
  4. Mistletoe cactus
  5. Velvet Calathea
  6. The bostern fern
  7. Devils Ivy
  8. The sword fern
  9. Aloe vera
  10. Snake plant

So, we decided to take a look at a selection of businesses out there who are quenching our thirst for plants.

Patch – Patch plants deliver to your door and there is a team on hand to answer any of your aftercare questions. www.patchplants.com

Barry the cactus and Cactus club – the monthly subscriptions to fuel your plant obsession, there are lots of different combinations and options with this and there are currently discounts to get started. https://barrythecactus.com/

The little botanical - https://thelittlebotanical.com/   this website is visually pleasing to the eye, their inspiration page will quickly inspire you.

Plants for all seasons - https://www.plantsforallseasons.co.uk/  – this site has a youtube channel so you can get a 3D image of a plant to give you a good idea of size before you buy.

Oxy Plants - If you can’t decide and what to rent a plant for your office before you buy then https://oxy-plants.com/  is ideal

Canopy Plants -  https://www.canopyplants.co.uk/  is a subscription company and supply all over London and with 100% recyclable packaging by a carbon neutral courier: choose from pet friendly or classic packages.

So, whether you are a green fingers pro or a house plant first-timer there is something out there for everyone! Just don’t forget to give them a little TLC once settled in their new home!

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Thursday, 22 February 2024 at 12:22pm

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