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Interview Tips

Be sure you really understand the job role you are applying for. A professional Recruitment Consultant should provide you with a full written job and person specification. Do not be afraid of asking questions if you don't understand it all.

Research the company beforehand. If you are using a professional Recruitment Consultant, they should provide you with a lot of information to get you started. But you may need to do more yourself, as a minimum you should visit their website. If you are going to a retailer or brand you MUST visit their shop or look at their ranges in store.

Find out well in advance exactly where the interview is, and how to get there. If the journey is new to you, complicated or long, it is a very good idea to have a practice run BEFORE the actual interview day.

The following sites are useful:

Google Maps:

TFL Journey Planner:

AA Route Planner:

First impressions count so make every effort with your personal presentation. The traditional suit is not always appropriate for an interview in fashion, so ask your Recruitment Consultant for advice, or dress in a similar style to that of the fashion company you are gong to. Bear in mind this won't always be appropriate however, for say Mothercare or Anne Summers! So use your common sense and if in doubt a fashionable suit is still a good option.

Make sure you have an un-crumpled, clean copy of your CV and references to give to the interviewer.

Arrive 5-10 minutes early and use your time waiting in reception to take in any extra information about the company - they may have promotional information on display.

If something goes wrong and you don't make it, at least phone to explain and arrange another time.

Retailers - you are advised to visit the actual store where the vacancy is and you may be asked to prepare a S.W.O.T. analysis. Even if you are not required to do this it would be beneficial for you to informally go through this process for yourself, it will certainly help you sound knowledgable and confident in interview.

Designers - you should add pages to your portfolio that are relevant to the company you hope to join if your portfolio does not already represent their sector of the market.

Entry Level Positions in Buying & Merchandising - you certainly need to brush up on your maths (ratios, percentages and fractions, without a calculator) so you are able to pass any maths test you are asked to take.


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