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How to ace an interview and feel great afterwards!

Interview Advice

Interviews are no doubt very nerve wracking and uncomfortable for most of us. With anything, practise makes perfect but also being prepared calms the nerves too. 

Here’s a list from our consultants on how to feel confident on the day.

Preparation –

  • Always research the company before hand! If it is a business with stores, then make sure you go in the week before hand to familiarise yourself with product.  The last resort should be looking online, unless of course it is an online company, and make sure you fully understand their business before the day.

Arrival time -

  • You should be aiming to be 5 – 10 minutes early for your interview.  By which we mean, checked in at reception, signed in and able to go to the loo beforehand if needed.
  • If you find yourself outside too early, (it happens!) then wait until its closer to the 5-10 minute buffer before going in. Being super early for an interview is also not a good first impression.
  • If you think you are going to be late, call us ASAP so we can notify your interviewer that you are running late. When you arrive apologise sincerely once at the start and then concentrate on having a good interview!

Check your route a day before and then on the day too! -

  • If you are in central London then City Mapper and Google Maps are good apps to use.
  • Buses are notoriously slow given the traffic, so if you need to get this mode then plan extra time on top of your buffer.
  • Outside of London you should check the traffic beforehand and plan parking.  Your consultant will know if the client has additional car parking or if you will need to park on the road.

The following sites are useful:

Dress code –

  • Ask your consultant on the client’s dress code before hand.
  • By and large, going in smart all black or neutral colours with smart shoes is advisable and going on brand.
  • It’s always better to air on the side of caution and go smarter. 
  • We don’t advise trainers unless of course you are interviewing at a sportswear brand and you are wearing their product!

Types of interview:

Retailers - you are advised to visit the actual store where the vacancy is and you may be asked to prepare a S.W.O.T. analysis. Even if you are not required to do this it would be beneficial for you to informally go through this process for yourself, it will certainly help you sound knowledgeable and confident in interview.

Designers - you should add pages to your portfolio that are relevant to the company you hope to join if your portfolio does not already represent their sector of the market.

Entry Level Positions in Buying & Merchandising - you certainly need to brush up on your maths (ratios, percentages and fractions, without a calculator) so you are able to pass any maths test you are asked to take.

We want to make sure you have the best chance of securing a second interview or offer, so if in doubt ask us!

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