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Field Trainer

The Field Trainer in fashion will act as a brand ambassador of the fashion retailer. The job role of the Field Trainer is based on the road and within the fashion retailer's Head Office, going to various retail store locations to carry out the essential training for the fashion retail brand. As a Field Trainer you will be building relationships with customers via the effective training of staff from new starter to director level on selling skills, product knowledge, company initiatives and visual merchandising.

The Field Trainer will be liaising regularly with senior management. It is the job of the Field Trainer working in fashion to design, organise and present various training sessions in an engaging and informative manner on a one to one or large groups of employees of the fashion retailer. The Field Trainer will ensure the training will be reflective upon the analysis of retail store KPI's, sales, mystery shop reports and customer feedback.

The Field Trainer job role includes designing and developing training and development programmes based on both the Retail organisation's and the individual's needs and producing training materials for in-house courses. Field Trainers will also work in a team to produce programmes that are satisfactory to all relevant parties in the fashion retail organisation, such as line managers, accountants and senior managers at board level of the retailer.

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