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Flagship Manager

The job of a Flagship Manager when working for a fashion retailer is to be responsible for running the company flagship store to exceed the fashion company's targets and policies. The aim of any Flagship Manager is to maximise profit whilst minimising costs. Flagship Manager's ensure promotions are accurate and merchandised to the company's standards, staff are fully versed on the target for the day and excellent customer care standards are met.

Flagship Manager's are also required to deal with the Human Resources, Marketing, Logistics, Information Technology, Customer Service and Finance departments of the fashion company's Head Office. The job of Flagship Manager in fashion retail will involve: managing and motivating a team to increase sales, maintaining awareness of market trends in the retail industry and initiating changes to improve the business to mention just a few responsibilities.

Within the fashion industry the retail flagship store of the brand is key to their business so a Flagship Manager must be an ambassador for the brand.

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