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General Manager

The job of a General Manager is to be responsible for all aspects of a fashion retail company's operations. Fashion retailers that cover an extensive area with multiple locations require that each General Manager be responsible for a portion of the overall area. The General Manager will plan, direct and coordinate various aspects of their operating area. The General Manager of the retail area will ensure that operations run smoothly and according to fashion retailers company policy. The General Manager will ensure that the vendors and suppliers of the fashion retailer are properly compensated and continue to meet the needs of the fashion company. The General Manager will usually report to an executive staff member of the retailers head office such as a Director or Chief Operating Officer.

The General Manager within the fashion retail industry ensures that matters related to finance and transactions are within their supervision. General Managers of retail stores within the fashion industry manage and utilize the funds and expenditures of the various operations carried out by the firm. The General Manager of the retailer is expected to understand the financial tools and resources available to the firm. One of the key parts of a General Manager's job description is that they are expected to act as liaison between the management and the fashion retailers employees/staff. Some of the duties and responsibilities of General Manager includes monitoring the performance and achievements of the employees. The General Managers also direct people to various goals and targets. Hiring Managers is another important duty of a Retail General Manager. Retail Managers assist the General Managers in managing the different tasks.

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