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Supply Chain Manager / Director

The job role of Supply Chain Manager within the fashion industry oversees the steps that comprise the supply chain process, bringing a fashion product from its raw material form i.e yarn to the point at which it is available for sale within a retail store or for the supplier to sell to the retailers. This process can involve production planning, sourcing & negotiating, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. It is the job of a Supply Chain Manager to ensure that every step of the process is functioning effectively.

The job of Supply Chain Manager working in fashion involves a lot of planning, as timing is very important in any supply chain. The Supply Chain Manager is also responsible for cost reduction and will source suppliers andfactories all across the world including the Far East as well as the UK. The Supply Chain Manager is also responsible for sourcing materials and services to ensure productivity is cost effective and that the product will be distributed effectively to reach the retailers.

Good communication skills are important for the job of Supply Chain Manager as you must manage the relationships between the vendors and internal departments. A good Supply Chain Manager will train, develop, mentor and assist their team to ensure the supply chain department operates to achieve customer delivery requirements for the rest of the fashion or retail company.

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