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Visual Merchandising Assistant

The job role of a Visual Merchandising Assistant is part of the visual merchandising team, who aids the VM Manager or Head Visual Merchandiser to create the window and in-store displays in the fashion brands retail shops and department stores, with the aim of promoting goods in order to maximise sales. The retail store displays are regularly updated by the Visual Merchandising Assistant, and themes can be dictated by a number of factors, including the fashion seasons of the year, annual events, current fashions and trends, and sales and promotions.

Many fashion retailers employ a visual merchandising team, which can be based within the retailer's Head Office or on the road. Visual merchandising activities will vary according to the roles within the team, but may include: conducting research based on lifestyle concepts and trends, as well as store and/or regional attributes. Visual Merchandising Assistants will also develop floor plans for the retail stores and sketching designs; visiting other competitor stores in the area, working with in-store retail sales staff and helping to develop their understanding of presentation as well as giving feedback to head office and liaising closely with merchandisers and buyers.

Visual Merchandising Assistants within fashion are likely to work weekends and late evenings as major display installations often take place when the store is closed to minimise disruption to customers and staff.

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